Where Nature Nurtures

To know Tony Aquila, one must know Wyoming.

When he's not traveling, you might find Tony working from one of his rustic barns or modern garages in Jackson Hole. Nestled deep within the Grand Tetons, Split Creek Ranch is Tony's true-to-life vision of the old meeting the new... a beautiful landscape that not only reflects Tony's passion for Wyoming, but also represents timeless balance... a place where Native Americans and western settlers came to respect each other, as well as the land and wildlife that create timeless beauty and harmony.

"What I admire most about the American Indians is the remarkable ways in which they taught tradition... and the warrior's way. What happened to them historically is certainly a travesty. They became entrenched in fighting too many conflicts of the past and not enough of the future, which led to their demise as their landscape changed and their spaces violated. 
But throughout history, Indians were profound and religious in the ways they embraced the air, earth, fire and water — things that many of us unfortunately take for granted today. They greatly understood how critical the elements were for order and balance throughout the living ecosystem,  not only for the benefit of their own lives, but also for the health and sustainability of all future generations.
Nature was as sacred to the Native Americans as it is to me today. But what is truly fascinating is how committed they were to preserving their tradition... and how they were willing to fight and ultimately die for their beliefs."

An uncommon union of the past and the future, Split Creek Ranch is equally as remarkable of an experience for the present... one that Tony always enjoys sharing with others, especially people in need and those less fortunate.